6​ Facts About Visible That Will Blow Your Mind.

Visible is a startup company that mainly focused on providing a cheap alternative when I first heard about it and to be honest their price for service seemed unreal and to be honest I thought it would be crap service if anything. Then I found out Visible is a company that is separate from Verizon Wireless but is still part of it. Visible is owned by Verizon, and they operate on Verizon’s LTE network. When I found out that Visible was part of Verizon, I immediately wondered why Visible’s price was so low and it finally made sense. Visible is operating as a separate cellphone service but using Verizon’s fast network.

The first fact about Visible is that they offer unlimited calling in the United States. Second is that they also offer unlimited texting. The third is that they have no data cap so you can surf the web without worrying that your data will run out. The fourth is that Visible is only charging 40 dollars as a flat fee for the service, its basically a steal. Fifth is that for being part of the early access group of people you get unlimited hotspot service added to your phone, so you can connect another device if there’s no wifi around you.

And the sixth feature that I think everyone will appreciate is that Visible does not force you into a contract like all the other companies usually force you into for those types of features. I know that there are contractless phones services that are good, I use to have T-Mobile unlimited service prepaid and it was good for the most part the only thing I didn’t like was the price. Ever since I switched to Visible I get better service at my house without the wifi turned on and I never had that before with any other phone service and my house is a dead zone, so I was very impressed with Visible. I know that Visible might not be as high for other people coverage-wise, but I recommend you look into the service if you’re looking for a cheap alternative and you see that the coverage map on their website works for you. Visible has small Flaws, but overall the service has been really excellent for the most part.

Some of the flaws to the service are that you get unlimited data, but if you’re watching videos in high definition, it will buffer because you’re only receiving 5mps which is enough to stream the web quickly and stream video without a buffer at a 480p resolution. For me, 480p resolution looks great on the phone so I don’t have any problems with it as long as it doesn’t buffer it’s all good but for some other people it might be the reason you don’t get the service, but if you have wifi at home you can stream high quality video no problem. The reason Visible is so affordable is that they don’t have any physical stores like all the other phone companies do. Instead, they operate from their HQ and send the sim cards to customers through express 2-day shipping. The instructions are straightforward to follow, and the set up is speedy. I commend Visible for their excellent customer service and affordable prices, as a student, I really value the price, and I’m happy with all the features I’m getting for the price.


What You Need To Know About Slack.

So I have been using this app a little over 2 years not very frequently but whenever I use Slack it really comes in handy. I started using Slack before I decided to go back to college during this coding boot camp that required me to talk to the rest of the student’s and professors. Slack is an amazing open source communications app that is perfect for remote work with your team. I alway’s used Slack on the General Assembly campus and it was very easy to use, very private. I remember my cohort was experiencing a massive snowstorm that had closed down the campus completely but because we used Slack to communicate from home there was really no need to actually go to the campus.

I also like that you can integrate third-party apps into Slack like Giphy, DropBox, Google Drive, and more. I also like that you can set up a personal bot that you can interact with and it act’s like an assistant that schedules and gathers any information you ask. Now in my time at LaGuardia Community College I still like to use Slack. I used Slack for my E-Commerce class to work with a group of classmates to pitch a product for our final presentation and it helped me interact with them without having to provide other personal information. Slack also came in handy when I needed people for my video production final project, I actually made a Slack channel for the entire class and got all their emails and invited them and it worked out really well and we got to communicate with each other if we need actor’s or any other position people in the group needed help with.

I just love it because its been very useful and I like how you can customize the layout of your slack window if you don’t like the colors, I think that’s pretty cool. From a designer’s perspective, it appeals to my love of good color palette mixtures because you can put in any color. Slack is an awesome app and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a free workspace chat environment that is both secure and fun to use.

Why Amazon was not welcomed in the Queen’s community

My thought’s on this topic when it first surfaced was “Oh Amazon was thinking of setting up an HQ here in my neighborhood, that sounds great.” But what I failed to consider was how it would affect the city and transportation which is already horrible and Amazon was just going to add more years to the whole disaster that is our transportation. I’ve been seeing all over social media on how U.S Representative Ocasio Cortez has been getting all of the blame for this. I’ve seen a channel on youtube that I followed regularly because I thought their dark comedy and fitness tips were funny and helpful.

I didn’t know they were Republicans and not that it mattered because they never talked politics when I watched them. They heavily criticized her for the Amazon deal stating that it was bad for the economy. But the way I see it is that she’s defending the increase of prices that would have come along with Amazon if it had made it here. Amazon would of course not hire everyone from new york because they are only hiring specific qualified people. To the Youtubers that I was talking about that were for Amazon building in New York, if they weren’t Youtuber’s with an audience and were just personal trainers here in the city they would also be ecstatic that prices would go up.

But since they don’t live in New York why would they understand. Amazon would have created jobs but not enough for new yorkers because not all of them have the set of skills needed for those jobs. I know for people like me it would have benefitted but at what cost? It would be driving many people with low-income jobs out of their homes. Amazon is a huge company but here in new york the majority of the people that live here live paycheck to paycheck if the rent goes up many people would be booted out and it would just create another problem.

P.s I don’t mean to badger people’s political views, I have friend’s that are Republican’s and they also don’t like how Trump is painting them as the bad guy’s. There is no wrong side It’s just the way you say things that incite anger on both sides. And that’s what Trump is doing to get thing’s his way.

Spark E-mail App review

Spark is by far my favorite email management app. Before finding out about spark my email experience wasn’t great. It wasn’t great because I didn’t like how the current email apps didn’t take multiple email addresses like Spark does. Spark, lets me use all my email addresses in one single app. It’s been very useful since I downloaded it because Spark manages my entire email life by making it easier to see messages from most important to least important.

Spark also remembers people that you reply to and hold their email as a top priority if they email you back and separates the important emails on a specific tab. I’ve been using Spark for the last 2 years now and there have been times where I’ve had to reset my phone within those two years but I always remember to redownload the Spark app because It made my life easier by managing important email’s from work or stuff from school as well. I also like the new features spark brought with their updates, they integrated quick response so you would be able to respond quickly. Although I don’t use the feature as much It’s nice to be able to have it. I’m not sure if you can do custom quick responses because I don’t use the feature enough in Spark but, it would be nice to have that. Spark has overall made my email managing simpler and I love it a lot because they also have a feature where if there’s an important email you receive you can bookmark it and it will always be there in a different tab you can always see.

I always use that feature to save online receipts and important email’s. I really don’t see the point in using any other email service because I found everything I need in Spark. I recommend trying the Spark app if you don’t like the current email app you’re using right now. I forgot to mention that it’s also accessible to Apple computers. I have a Macbook pro and I have downloaded the app there before but since I use my laptop so much I need all the space I can get so I uninstalled it from my computer. you don’t really need it on your desktop if you have your phone but if you can dish out space on a desktop I recommend you give it a try, Spark will make your life easier.

Everything you need to know about Transit.

I’m a guy that’s from New York where there really isn’t a need for car’s when you have the MTA transit system. Granted the transit service may not alway’s be great in the city and it has given me a bunch of headaches before but, mostly because I can never anticipate when a bus or a train is coming. I’ve tried apps from the MTA and different 3rd party apps that I thought were going to be useful in order to align my schedule with MTA Transportation. But sadly the app’s I downloaded or spent money only provide static information which I didn’t like because I wanted real-time transit information. I actually started using the “Transit” app because the app was shared by one of my friend’s that started using it before I even heard about it.

He told me that people in his bus route use the Transit app from their phone and it uses their phones GPS system to show where the bus is on the map. He mentioned that his phone would die faster but it was alright because the bus he took to school had those USB ports that the MTA started putting on their busses so people can charge their phones. And in theory, it worked well him but for people like me, that didn’t have the type off busses that he had going to school it wasn’t really worth it. But what I like about “Transit” is that they made improvements to the app by giving it features to improve battery life when using the app. When I used to use the Transit app before I wouldn’t be able to see the bus right away because people didn’t want their battery life to die just to give strangers information about the bus.

But once Transit figured out how to save people energy for their phones I immediately saw the increase in Transit users. Now, whenever I open Transit up I can see real-time information of any bus I wish to take or even train if I wish to see that too. I love how Transit also built this addicting system into the app where you get points and ranked for how often you keep the real-time GPS on for a certain bus you take to commute. The benefits of keeping the real-time GPS on in Transit is that people that use the app can see the location of the bus from any stop. So far I’m rank 1 for the Q101 bus because I keep the app open on real-time every single day that I commute to and from school. I don’t get a prize or anything from Transit but they do congratulate you for using the Transit app and helping other people see the busses more often.

Spotify critique/review

Where to begin… Spotify is a really good music streaming service. I started out using Spotify as my first streaming service purchased back when streaming was starting to be a thing. I think that the way Spotify marketed themselves was a good way to attract new customers and new users. Remember those ads when they would offer you 3 months of service for one dollar? well, that was well played on their behalf because that was enough for them to grab my interest. In general, Spotify seems to have done their research with the design of their logo which as a graphic designer I really appreciate because the colors schemes they used are what attracted me.

I know they only use 2 through most of their interface but I like that they made it look simple and hip. The design played a huge role when I was looking at their offer as well and it was able to make me buy their services. I loved Spotify when I had it but there was something that I didn’t like about it that made me stop using it. It didn’t have a way to access music lyrics and instead was showcasing stuff that their partners “Genius”. Genius is a company that goes into detail with the origin of the artist and when I first saw them on Spotify I thought it was pretty cool but it wasn’t really what I was looking for.

I would have loved it more if it displayed lyrics and then also had the chance to see Genius facts at the same time. But unfortunately, they weren’t doing that and because of that, I switched to their competitor Apple Music. For me, I like listening to different type of music and so I like to read lyrics whenever possible and if it’s not easily possible to see them chances are I’ll forget to check them out. So I think it’s important to make it easier to see lyrics in a music streaming service. Other than that Spotify is a great streaming service with a beautiful interface, I like their design much better than apple music, to be honest.